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▶ Impact of enzyme modification on physicochemical properties of oat flake and starch

J.H. Jeong, S.Y. Hong, J.S. Hong, J.S. Cho, D.H. Cho, E.Y. Park

Starch - Stärke 2100292 (2022)

▶ Phytate-mediated phosphorylation of starch by dry heating with rice bran extract

H. J. Lee, S. R. Kim, J. Y. Park, E. Y. Park

Carbohydrate Polymers 282:119104 (2022)

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▶ Impregnation of normal maize starch granules with ionic hydrocolloids by alkaline dry heating

E.C. Lee, J.H. Lee, H.J. Chung, E. Y. Park

Food hydrocolloids 113:106462 (2021)

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▶ 고아밀로스 옥수수전분/덱스트린의 첨가가 건면의 품질에 미치는 영향


유재근, 이주헌, 박은영

한국식품과학회지 52:655-660 (2020)

▶ Phytate-mediated phosphorylation of maize, rice, and potato starches at different pH conditions

H.S Jang, J.H. Lee, H.J. Lee, E.Y. Park

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 165:857-864 (2020)

▶ Characterization of waxy starches phosphorylated using phytic acid. 

E.Y. Park, S.-T. Lim

Carbohydrate Polymers 225:115225 (2019)

▶ Effects of partial debranching and storage temperature on recrystallization of waxy maize starch.


D.-J. Lee, E.Y. Park, S.-T. Lim

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 140:350-357 (2019)

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▶ Change in textural properties, starch digestibility, and aroma of nonfried instant noodles by substitution of konjac glucomannan.

E.Y. Park, H.Y. Kim, H.-Y. Shin, Y.-l. Jeon, J.-M. Kim, Semiga. Kim, J.-Y. Kim

Cereal Chemistry 96:784-791 (2019)

▶ Enzymatic debranching of starches from different botanical sources for complex formation with stearic acid.

C.K. Reddy, D.-J. Lee, S.-T. Lim, E.Y. Park

Food Hydrocolloids 89:856-863 (2019)

▶ Controlled fragmentation of starch into nanoparticles using a dry heating treatment under mildly acidic conditions. 


S. Miskeen, E.Y. Park, J.-Y. Kim

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 123:810-816 (2019)

▶Antistaling effects of hydrocolloids and modified starch on bread during cold storage.


N,Y. Kang, C.K. Reddy, E.Y. Park, H.-D. Choi, S.-T. Lim

LWT-Food Science and Technology 96:13-18 (2018)

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▶ Stabilization of alpha-lipoic acid by complex formation with octenylsuccinylated high amylose starch.

Y.-X. Li, E.Y. Park, S.-T. Lim

Food Chemistry 242:389-394 (2018)

▶ Effect of dual modification of HMT and crosslinking on physicochemical properties and digestibility of waxy maize starch. 


E.Y. Park, J.-G. Ma, J. Kim, D.H. Lee, S.Y. Kim, D.-J. Kwon, J.-Y. Kim

Food Hydrocolloids 75:33-40 (2018)

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▶ Effects of bran pre-hydration on functional characteristics and bread baking quality of bran and flour blends. 

E.Y. Park, E. P. Fuerst, B.-K. Baik
Cereal Chemistry. 94(5): 834-839 (2017)

▶ Starch nanoparticles resulting from combination of dry heating under mildly acidic conditions and homogenization. 

J.H. Kim, J. Kim, E.Y. Park, J.-Y. Kim
Carbohydrate Polymers. 168: 70-78 (2017)

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▶ Effect of aqueous impregnation of rice kernels with gum arabic and xanthan on storage stability of frozen rice cakes.

E.Y. Park, J.H. Yoo, S.-T. Lim
Cereal Chemistry. 94(3):640-642 (2017)

▶  Effect of fructo-oligosaccharide and isomalto-oligosaccharide addition on baking quality of frozen dough.

E.Y. Park, S.-B. Jang, S.-T. Lim
Food Chemistry. 213: 157-162 (2016)

▶  Enhancing dispersion stability of alpha-tocopherol in aqueous media using maize starch and ultrasonication. 

C. Ren, E.Y. Park, J.-Y. Kim, S.-T. Lim
LWT-Food Science and Technology 68:589-594  (2016)

▶  Functional and Nutritional Characteristics of Soft Wheat Grown in No-till and conventional Cropping Systems. 

E.Y. Park, B.-K. Baik, S. Machado, H. T Gollany, and E. P. Fuerst
Cereal Chemistry. 92(3):332-338  (2015)

▶ Functional and Nutritional Characteristics of Wheat Grown in Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems.

E.Y. Park, B.-K. Baik, P. R Miller, I. C Burke, E. A Wegner, N. E Tautges, C. Morris, and E. P. Fuerst
Cereal Chemistry. 92(5):504-512  (2015)

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▶ Influences of temperature-cycled storage on retrogradation and in vitro digestibility of waxy maize starch gel

E.Y. Park, B.-K. Baik and S.-T. Lim 
Journal of Cereal Science Volume 50, Issue 1 : Pages 43-48 (2009)

▶  Pasting Properties of Potato Starch and Waxy Maize Starch Mixtures.

E.Y. Park, H.-N. Kim, J.-Y. Kim, S.-T. Lim
Starch-starke Volume 61 Issue 6 : Pages 352 - 357 (2009)

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